The Slider control allows to create a variety of different slider types. You can choose between horizontal and vertical sliders, decide whether the slider should jump to the click position or move relatively to it. Furthermore, it can also be inverted in its behavior. The Slider can be resized with all its bitmaps according to the scale modes that are defined for the respective bitmap resources. The Slider can use a background bitmap which can also be an animated bitmap with frames. This allows you to build animated sliders that only display an animation. The Slider can use Pre-Handle and Post-Handle bitmaps, which are drawn from the left edge to the handle position and from the handle position to the right edge (Bottom -> Handle -> Top, for vertical sliders). When moving the slider, both bitmaps are clipped at the handle position. Alternatively, you can also stretch both bitmaps towards the handle position. The Slider can display a handle bitmap, which is drawn on top oft the background, Pre-Handle and Post- Handle bitmaps.


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NameThe name of the Slider.
Show Value Activate this option if you want to display a tooltip with the current parameter value when using the knob. This option can be exported to the template level. The exported parameter can then be activated by setting it to "true" (the default is "false").
  • Vertical: Creates a vertical slider. The default setting is horizontal.
  • Jump: The slider jumps to the click position. By default, it moves relatively to the click position.
  • Invert: Inverts the slider behavior.
  • Split: Use the Pre-Handle and Post-Handle bitmaps for drawing. The background bitmap is disabled in this mode. By default, the slider is created with Split off. In this case, the background bitmap and slider handle bitmap are used.
  • Stretch: Pre-Handle and Post-Handle bitmaps are stretched to fill the area between edge and handle. By default, the bitmaps are clipped at the handle position.
  • Scalable: The slider can be resized, and all bitmap resources are scaled with their defined scaled mode.
  • Read-Only: Activate this option if you want to use the slider as a display-only parameter which cannot be edited. (Note: Requires HALion 6.1 or higher)
BackgroundSpecifies the  bitmap to be used as background. It is animated if the bitmap resource provides multiple frames.
Pre-HandleSpecifies the bitmap to be used for the area from start to handle position.
Post-HandleSpecifies the bitmap to be used for the area from handle position to end.
Handle Specifies the bitmap to be used as slider handle.