The properties of the LoadProgress class can be used to monitor the progress when loading elements of VST presets.

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Class Hierarchy


LoadProgress Class


The functions loadPresetAsync, appendLayerAsync and insertLayerAsync return a LoadProgress object. The properties of the LoadProgress object are described by the following fields.

Available in: Controller.


.progressThe load progress in the range from 0 to 1.number

The value of .root will be the Element object of the first element (root) of the loaded VST preset. Depending on whether you load a layer, program, or multi-program VST preset, this is either an Element object of the type Layer, Program,or Instance.

Layer, Program or Instance
.cancelSet this to true to cancel the loading of the preset.boolean
.errorMessage if an error occured.string
.infoUser definable field, for example, to manage several loading threads.string or table


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