onLoadSubPreset(section, data)


This callback function is called when loading a subpreset with a corresponding Preset Browser template. The callback will only be called if the scope of the Preset Browser template is set correctly.

In adition, the Preset Browser Custom template allows you to define a section for the subpreset. When you load a subpreset, the defined section and the data stored in the subpreset will be passed on to the callback. The data is the same data that was returned by onSaveSubPreset when the subpreset was saved. You can manage different subsets of parameters by using the section as condition for an if statement that restores only the parameters of interest.

Scope and section are template parameters. You can set them in the MacroPage Designer on the properties pane of the Preset Browser and Preset Browser Custom templates.


Available in: Controller.


sectionThe section as defined in the Preset Browser Custom template.string
dataThe data that was returned by onSaveSubPreset. 

See Also: onSaveSubPreset