changeTune(noteID, tune, relative, immediateOrDuration)


Function to change the tuning of a specific note in semitones.

Available in: Processor.


noteIDThe ID of the note that you want to change.number
tuneThe absolute tuning in the range of -120.0 to 120.0 semitones (relative = false) or the value which is added (relative = true).number
relativeThe value is added to the current amount if this is set to true. The default is false.boolean, optional
immediateOrDurationChange the value immediately or in the specified duration. Set this to true to change the value immediately without controller smoothing. Set a duration in milliseconds to change the value with controller smoothing in the specified time. If not set, this setting defaults to false and the controller smoothing setting in the Options editor is used.boolean or number, optional


-- random tune offset per note
function onNote(event)
  local tune = math.random() * 12 - 6
  local id = postEvent(event)
  changeTune(id, tune, true, true)

See Also: changeVolume, changeVolumedB, changePan, changeNoteExpression