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analyzePitch(callback, channel)


Function to analyze the pitch of an audio file. You specify the audio file with the AudioFile object that is returned by the function. The arguments callback and channel are optional. If called without a callback function, analyzePitch will be executed in the same thread. If called with a callback function as argument, analyzePitch will be executed in a separate, parallel thread. You can specify the channel to be analyzed with the channel argument. Without the channel argument multiple channels of an audio file will be summed before the pitch is analyzed. The callback function is called with the AudioFile object as the first and the channel as the second argument after the pitch has been analyzed. The results of analyzePitch are cashed as long as the corresponding AudioFile object exists. The function itself does not return any pitch information. You must use getPitch to obtain the analyzed pitch.

Available in: Controller.


callbackCallback function that is called with the AudioFile object as argument after the pitch has been analyzed.

function, optional

channelUse this to specify the channel of the audio file to be analyzed. Leave this empty or set this to 0 for summing all audio channels before they are analyzed.number, optional

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See Also: getPitch, getPitchAnalysisProgress, cancelPitchAnalysis