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Control Libraries

HALion provides a large number of preconfigured templates that can directly be used on macro pages. These are packed into two libraries Basic Controls and Additional Controls.

The Basic Controls library contains standard controls like knobs, sliders, text fields, switches, etc., as well as a collection of advanced templates that can be used accomplish more complex tasks such as loading sub presets or wavetables or control more complex modules like the FlexPhraser, the Step Modulator, or HALion's multi-stage envelope. You can access the libraries using the Resource/Library Browser of the Macro Page Editor.

The library also contains an example macro page which shows how connections to engine and UI parameters have to be set up to work.

To get access to this macro page, load the "Init Basic Controls" preset.

  1. Download the preset by clicking on the following link: Init Basic Controls DL.vstpreset.This preset uses a few example zones, one of them is a grain zone which uses a basic saw sample file.
  2. Download the sample by clicking the following link: Saw.wav.
  3. Copy the preset and the sample into the same to a folder on your hard disk.
  4. Load the preset via drag and drop from your OS file browser onto a HALion slot.

The macro page contains multiple pages to demonstrate different use cases.

Macro Pages

To learn more about macro pages and how to set them up, you can load presets of Anima, Skylab, Eagle, Raven, Studio Strings, and Hot Brass. All presets of these libraries use macro pages that were entirely built with the Macro Page Editor. This means that you can see exactly how these macro pages are set up and how they are connected to the HALion engine.

In the Resource/Library Browser, you have acces access to location presets that let you browse these macro pages like the Basic Controls and Additional Control libraries.


The macro pages are installed as independent VST Sound containers on all HALion family products (HALion, HALion Sonic, HALion Sonic SE), which means that you can use templates from these on your own macro pages, too.






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