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Welcome to the world of VST 3

This part of the Steinberg Developer Resource is a portal dedicated to developers of VST 3 plug-ins and VST 3 hosts. Almost everything you need for developing VST 3 plug-ins is explained in the sections below.

What is VST?

Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an audio plug-in software interface that allow to integrate software synthesizer and effects in digital audio workstations (DAW).

Main benefits of VST 3

Here, you can find a non-exhaustive list of VST 3 benefits.

What is the VST 3 SDK?

The VST 3 SDK (Virtual Studio Technology Software Development Kit) is a collection of software development tools included in one package. This allows plug-in developers to create plug-ins in VST 3 format and host developers to load VST 3 plug-ins into a DAW or audio editor.

Getting started

  • VST 3 LinksImportant links you will need for working with VST 3
  • How to set up my system for VST 3In order to build VST 3 plug-ins, you need the source code of the VST 3 (interface definition), an IDE/compiler, cmake and a VST 3 host application.
  • Preparation on WindowsGenerated VST3 Microsoft Visual Studio Projects using the cmake included in the SDK will create by default symbolic links for each built plug-in in the official VST3 folder, in order to allow this on Windows you have to adapt the Group Policy of Windows. See Here!

VST 3 forum

Visit Steinberg's VST Developer Forum in order to get help with development, to submit bug reports, to request new features and to connect to other VST 3 developers:

Technical documentation

Browse the VST 3 SDK's technical documentation. The full VST 3 API reference is only available in the VST 3 Package that you can download or find online here.


Copyrights and Glossary

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