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Important links you will need for working with VST 3

Getting VST 3 SDK

You have 2 possibilities for getting the VST 3 SDK:

On this page:

Related pages:

Download a full VST 3 SDK package which includes everything you need to build a VST 3 plug-in or host. Test your VST 3 plug-in in real-time with the included VST 3 Plug-in Test Host and execute automated tests (See What is the VST 3 SDK?): (direct link to zip file, ~100 MB)

Clone the VST 3 SDK repository from GitHub for easy integration into your workspace:

Independently of the download source of the VST 3 SDK be sure that you follow the license agreement (check What are the licensing options for VST 3?)

Online Documentation

Browse the VST 3 SDK's online documentation including API reference and sample code:

Browse the VST portal for the whole documentation and tutorials:

VST 3 Forum

Visit Steinberg's VST Developer Forum in order to get help with development, submit bug reports, request new features and connect to other VST 3 developers:


When you download the VST 3 SDK, the last official release version of VSTGUI is included, but you can get it (the release and the development branches) from github:

External Links to VST 3, DSP, Conferences and Plug-ins development

Here you can find some links to external resource about VST 3, DSP and Plug-ins development:

  • ADC 2020: Support of MIDI2 and MIDI-CI in VST 3 instruments, Arne Scheffler and Janne Roeper

  • ADC 2017: VST 3 history, advantages and best practice, Yvan Grabit

Forums / Mailing List
Tools / Libraries
  • MATLAB®: Audio Plugin Creation and Hosting
  • Blender: A free and open source 3D creation suite
  • Armadillo: C++ library for linear algebra & scientific computing
  • lapack++: Linear Algebra PACKage in C++
  • dlib: Dlib is a modern C++ toolkit
  • Intel MKL: Intel® Math Kernel Library
  • ADC: Audio Developer Conference by Roli
  • DAFx: Digital Audio Effects
  • ICASSP: International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
  • ISMIR: International Society for Music Information Retrieval
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