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This tutorial explains how to use cmake with VST 3 SDK.

CMake for building VST 3 plug-ins

The SDK provides a set of cmake files allowing you to compile the included samples and to develop new plug-ins.

Command line for Windows

Example for building "Microsoft Studio 16 2019" solution:

// go in to the folder where you extracted the VST 3 SDK
mkdir build 
cd build 
cmake.exe -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" -A x64 "..\vst3sdk" 
//  or without symbolic links
cmake.exe -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" -A x64 "..\vst3sdk" -SMTG_CREATE_PLUGIN_LINK=0

//  or with symbolic links but using the user location (does not request admin right)
cmake.exe -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" -A x64 "..\vst3sdk" -SMTG_PLUGIN_TARGET_USER_PROGRAM_FILES_COMMON=1 

// note: you can find the string definition for different Visual Studio Generators in the cmake online documentation

Command line for macOS

 Example for building Xcode project:

// go in to the folder where you extracted the VST 3 SDK 
mkdir build 
cd build 
/Applications/ -G"Xcode" "../vst3sdk"

On Linux with QtCreator

You can use QtCreator 2.3.1 (or higher)

start QtCreator 2.3.2
open the CMakeLists.txt located at the top of the VST 3 SDK folder
click on the menu Build->Run CMake

Use of cmake-gui

start the CMake (cmake-gui) application
set "Where is the source code" to the location of the "VST3_SDK" folder
set "Where to build the binaries" to a build folder of your choice
click on "Configure"
click on "Generate" for creating project/solution

Example of cmakegui application on Windows

  • Compile with cmake command line
cd build
cmake --build 
  • Choose a specific compiler with cmake (command line on Linux)
cmake -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=/usr/bin/clang -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=/usr/bin/clang++


cmake -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=/usr/bin/gcc -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=/usr/bin/g++

Available SMTG cmake options

  • SMTG_AAX_SDK_PATH: Here you can define where the AAX SDK is located (if needed)
  • SMTG_ADD_VST3_HOSTING_SAMPLES: Add VST3 hosting samples to the solution (default ON)
  • SMTG_ADD_VST3_PLUGINS_SAMPLES: Add VST3 plug-in samples to the project (default ON)
  • SMTG_ADD_VSTGUI: Add VSTGUI support (default ON)
  • SMTG_BUILD_UNIVERSAL_BINARY: Build universal binary (32 & 64 bit) (Mac only)
  • SMTG_COREAUDIO_SDK_PATH: Here you can define where the COREAUDIO SDK is located (Mac only, if needed)
  • SMTG_CREATE_BUNDLE_FOR_WINDOWS: Create bundle on Windows for the VST3 plug-ins (new since 3.6.10! Windows only) (default ON)
  • SMTG_CREATE_PLUGIN_LINK: Create symbolic link for each VST3 plug-in in ${VST3_FOLDER_NAME} folder (you need to have Administrator rights on Windows or change the Local Group Policy to allow the creation of symbolic links) (default ON)
  • SMTG_CREATE_VST2_AGAIN_SAMPLE_VERSION: Allows you to create the VST2 version of the Sample Plug-in AGain, be sure that you have copied the VST2 interfaces into the folder VST_SDK/VST3_SDK/pluginterfaces/vst2.x (default OFF)
  • SMTG_CUSTOM_BINARY_LOCATION: Customize output location for binaries
  • SMTG_CXX_STANDARD: C++ standard version used for plugins: 14, 17, 20
  • SMTG_ENABLE_ADDRESS_SANITIZER: Enable Address Sanitizer
  • SMTG_ENABLE_TARGET_VARS_LOG: Enables to log target variables for debugging (new since 3.6.11!) (default OFF)
  • SMTG_ENABLE_USE_OF_JACK: Allows you to create the audiohost application using Jack (default OFF)
  • SMTG_MDA_VST3_VST2_COMPATIBLE: Build the MDA examples as a replacement for their VST2 counterpart (default ON)
  • SMTG_IOS_DEVELOPMENT_TEAM: Needed for building the InterAppAudio and AUv3 examples for iOS (Mac only)
  • SMTG_MYPLUGINS_SRC_PATH: Here you can add your VST3 plug-ins folder
  • SMTG_PLUGIN_TARGET_PATH: Here you can redefine the VST3 plug-ins folder
  • SMTG_PLUGIN_TARGET_USER_PROGRAM_FILES_COMMON: use FOLDERID_UserProgramFilesCommon as VST3 target path (Windows only) (default OFF)
  • SMTG_RENAME_ASSERT: Rename ASSERT to SMTG_ASSERT to avoid conflicts with 3rd party libraries (default ON)
  • SMTG_RUN_VST_VALIDATOR: Run the VST validator on VST3 plug-ins each time they are built (default ON)
  • SMTG_USE_STATIC_CRT: Use static CRuntime on Windows (option /MT) (default OFF) (Windows only)

Preparation on Windows
Generated VST3 Microsoft Visual Studio Projects using the cmake included in the SDK will create by default symbolic links for each built plug-in in the official VST3 folder, in order to allow this on Windows you have to adapt the Group Policy of Windows. See Here!

If you do not want to create this link, call cmake with this parameter:


You could choose the new user location for VST3 plug-ins, call cmake with this parameter:


Using your IDE for compiling the examples

  • solution/project (vstsdk.sln/vstsdk.xcodeproj) is generated in the "build" folder.
  • the created plug-ins are located in the "build" folder, in sub-folders /VST3/Release or /VST3/Debug.
  • In order to allow a DAW to find these plug-ins you have to create links from the official VST3 Locations to them.

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