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Available in: Controller.


pathThe path and file name of the VST preset.string

Return Values

Returns an Element object of the type Layer, Program or Instance, depending on whether a layer, program or multi-program VST preset was loaded.


To explore the following script:

  1. Download Layer.vstpreset.
  2. Drag the preset on the MediaBay to import it to the user folder for VST presets.
  3. Create an empty program and add a script module.
  4. Paste the script into the text editor of the script module and execute the script.


-- insert Layer.vstpreset as sublayer into the current program

-- get the file path for user VST presets
path = getUserPresetPath()

-- load VST preset
layer = loadPreset(path.."/Layer/Layer.vstpreset")

program = this.program

-- insert the previously loaded VST preset as sublayer
if layer then
    program:insertLayer(layer, 1)

See Also: loadPresetAsync

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