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Function to retrieve the 2nd modulation source of a row in the modulation matrix. The row is specified with the Zone object of the zone and the index of the modulation matrix row.

Available in: Controller.

Return Values

Returns up to three values, i.e., source, sourceInfo1 and sourceInfo2. The number of return values depends on the modulation source. See Modulation Source Types for details.

The 2nd modulation source has an additional sample & hold. See Modulation Source Types for details.


-- print modulation sources
function printSource(source)
    if source.source == ModulationSource.midiControl then
        print("MIDI Ctrl, Controller Number: "..source.info1)
    elseif source.source == ModulationSource.quickControl then
        print("Quick Ctrl, Layer: "", QC Index: "..source.info2)
    elseif source.source == ModulationSource.modulationModule then
        print("MIDI Module,  Module: "", Output: "..source.info2)
    elseif source.source == ModulationSource.noteExpression then
        print("Note Expression, Custom NE: "..source.info1)
    elseif source.source == ModulationSource.sampleAndHold then
        print("Sample & Hold, Index: "..source.info1)
        print("Standard Modulation, Index: "..source.source)

-- get the element object of the first zone
zone = this.program:findZones(true)[1]

-- run through all 32 modulation rows of the zone and print source2 if assigned
for i=1, 32 do
    local modRow = zone:getModulationMatrixRow(i)
    local source2 = {}
    source2.source, source2.info1, source2.info2 = modRow:getSource2()
    if source2.source ~= ModulationSource.unassigned then
        print("Modulation Row "..i..", Source 2:")

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  1. bei getSource1 wurde auf dieses topic verwiesen und von einem additional sample&hold gesprochen ... das müsste doch dann hier beschrieben werden, oder?