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Function to retrieve the number of assignments of a quick control on the specified layer. For example, this.parent defines the parent layer of the script module as the layer with the desired quick control. The qc argument is the index of the quick control with the requested assignments.

The index of the quick controls starts counting from 1. QC 1 to QC 8 have the index values 1 to 8. Sphere H, Sphere V and Mod Wheel have the index values 9, 10 and 11.

Available in: Controller.


qcThe index of the quick control.number

Return Values

Returns the number of assignments of the specified layer and quick control.


-- print the number of assignments of the first quick control on the parent layer
layer = this.parent
qc = 1

print("Number of assignments on '""', QC "..qc..": "..layer:getNumQCAssignments(qc)..".")

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