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Function to access the internal array that manages the appearance of the custom note expressions. In HALion, these are found in the Note Expression section and in Cubase, in the Note Expression section of the Inspector. For example, if your script generates note expression events, you can give the associated custom note expressions meaningful names or you can hide them. The first time you call getNoteExpressionProperties, the returned array will be empty. You change the properites by assigning a table with the fields .name or .block to the index of the array that corresponds to the custom note expression. The indices from 4 to 11 correspond to the custom note expressions 1 to 8 (see Note Expression Types for details). The properties defined by this script will override any properties that come later in the processing chain.

The properties of the pre-assigned note expressions volume, pan and tuning cannot be changed.

Available in: Controller.


.nameThe name of the custom note expression. By default, HALion automatically creates a name for the custom note expression if it is assigned in the modulation matrix. The name you set with the .name property and the automatically created name are both displayed. If the .block property is set to true, only the name set with the .name property is displayed.string, optional
.blockIf set to true, the properties that come later in the processing chain will not be evaluated. If no value is specified, this is set to false. If the .block property is set to true and the .name property is not set or nil, the name of the custom note expression will not be displayed in HALion and Cubase.boolean, optional

The .block property does not filter any note expression events. For this, use onNoteExpression.

Return Values

Returns the reference to the internal note expression properties array.


ne = getNoteExpressionProperties() -- get the reference to the note expression properties table
ne[NoteExpressionType.custom1] = { name = "Reserved", block = true } -- displays only Reserved
ne[NoteExpressionType.custom2] = { block = true }  -- hides the note expression
ne[NoteExpressionType.custom3] = { name = "Test", block = false } --displays Test and auto created names

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