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getNoteExpression(noteID, type)


Function to read the current value of a note expression of a specific note.

Available in: Processor.


noteIDThe note ID of the associated note.number
typeThe note expression type. It can be determined via names or indices. See Note Expression Types for a description of the types, names and indices.enum or number

Return Values

Returns the current value of the note expression determined by the arguments. The function returns -1 if the value of the note expression has not been set yet.


-- print the current value of the volume and pan note expressions
function onNote(event)
	local id = postEvent(event)
	changeNoteExpression(id, 1, 0.5, false, true)
	print(getNoteExpression(id, NoteExpressionType.volume))
	print(getNoteExpression(id, NoteExpressionType.pan))

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